Pool Python® Pool Skimmer – An Efficient Pressure-side Skimmer  

Do you have bugs, leaves and muck floating in your pool? Tired of using your skimmer net? Let the Pool Python Pool Skimmer handle that for you! The Pool Python is an efficient pressure-side pool skimmer.

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Easy to Install and Operate

Fits all regular, rigid-walled, above ground pools and in-ground pools that have a standard return fitting of 1-1/2 inches (38mm). Works off the RETURN side side of the pump, NOT the VACUUM side. This makes is compatible with most bottom-type automatic cleaners!



Be Green and Save Energy!

Double your cleaning power with no additional pumps or electricity - it works off your existing system! Reduce your chemical use by promptly removing organic material before it settles or hits your filtration system. It's safe - it has no suction that can cause injury.

What Others Are Saying

"What a surprise this thing REALLY WORKS! My only issue is that I have to change the bag every day because it works that well! I like having that problem. - Lisa"

"Say goodbye to manual skimming of your pool and replace that ineffective skimmer with a Pool Python. Best investment I ever made for our pool. - Gilton"


Patent # 6,0876,759