Some reviews and comments from our awesome customers!

The Python is the neatest little skimmer ever. It works like a charm. The bag is the only thing we have had to replace in 4 years! Joe loves telling people we keep a python in our pool! LOL! - Dot

It truly does work! He just left my parents house (which is surrounded by Cottonwood tree). 15 minutes later can barely see any on the pool! - Scott G

Just had one installed this evening. After just a couple hours (it rained shortly after it was installed) it's collected quite a bit! - Yvette

Robin, Cool! 1 minute installation, beats the hell out of a robotic surface skimmer @ 1/10 the price...probably will get another for the shallow end by the steps where all the mosquitoes go to die...Thank you! - Stephen B

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how great the Pool Python is. My regular skimmer is not working (I think there might be a broken pipe underground), so I hooked up the Pool Python I ordered from you and I think it works better than my inground one. Plus now I don't get clogged pipes from the pine needles anymore! I think I will put a video on youtube showing how great it works as another testimony for the product. Thanks, - Justin G

Dear Robin, I just wanted to thank you for the Pool Python. We have had it installed for just about four weeks and it is keeping our pool bug-free! Living in Southwest Florida, we've had a problem with small gnat-type bugs flying into the pool, coming in right through our screen cage. We'd spend hours scooping the surface with nets. Now, the Pool Python runs during the day and continually skims them from the surface. No more scooping! Installation was easy and fast. I can't tell you how much we are enjoying this ingenious and simple piece of equipment. If you ever need a customer testimonial, we'd be happy to give one (or feel free to use portions of this e-mail). Also, if you're not already, I think you could sell a lot of these here in Southwest Florida, especially to those of us near the Everglades from Punta Gorda down to Marco Island. Thanks for the quick shipping, great customer support, and great product. - Dan and Ann M in Fort Myers, Florida

Hi Robin, Only few words to say that I received your product two days ago and it works very well, there are no more bugs in my pool. I can assure you that I really appreciate how the pool python works. Thank you very much, Marie

It is the best thing I have bought for the pool, I can't believe how well it works.... Went to my Pool supply place and asked if they ever heard of it and he said no...Told him about it and he said he was going to look into it. I don't know if he ever did...I tell everyone about it... My filter bag is starting to show wear I will probably be ordering a replacement soon... Thanks, Daryl

my God.... I wish this invention was around when I was a kid and spending hours cleaning the family pool because my mom was scared of bugs floating on the surface.....!!!!! thanks again for shipping this incredible gadget !!!! the rest of the summer will be pure pleasure using our ultra clean pool !!!!!! lol lol ... take care !!!!! Pierre

Hi Robin !!! just got my python in the mail today...!!! at last... but the delay due to the postal strike wasn’t that bad !!! got home... opened the box......2 min 30 seconds later ( I’m not kidding) the unit was in place and sucking those nasty bugs and leaves of the surface of my pool !!!! A M A Z I N G !!!!! 30 minutes later the entire surface was free of any debri !!! Jim

To whom it may concern, When we originally had our pool built about eight years ago, we had hired a pool cleaning service. About a year later I decided to maintain the pool myself. One of the tedious tasks involved in that was to skim the top of the pool water for debris. After doing that for about a year, I saw a commercial for the Pool Devil. I purchased this device for about $30 and installed it in my pool. I was very happy with the results. My pool remained clean on the top and I found myself emptying the bag about once a week, but it became quickly apparent that the Pool Devil was not designed to remain in the pool on a full-time basis. The bags were constantly ripping and after about 6 to 8 months the device filled with water then the plastic would break. I found myself replacing the pool Devil about every 6 to 8 months at a cost of $30 to $35 and constantly buying bags for it. So I turned to the one tool that I've used when researching anything, the Internet. I came across a device called a Pool Python. I had my concerns about it, because I had never heard of it before, but decided to take a chance on it. Since then I have never looked back. I have been extremely happy with my Pool Python. It has been installed in our pool now for more than three years and has operated flawlessly. We are still on the original bag which I empty out once a week. My pool remains clean and it is not a lot of work. I just empty the bag about once a week. I have recommended this device to many of my friends who own pools and would recommend it highly to anyone that maintains pools or works in the Pool industry. Construction of the device is far superior to that of the Pool Devil and the device can remain in the pool permanently. Andrew S Simi Valley, CA

Hi I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product, it works better than I could have imagined. This is a great product and I would recommend it to everyone .thanks again for a great product! Fred F

Got the pool python up and ruining with the 1 inch adapter and it is working extremely well. I've not had to clean the top of the pool for days. The water is crystal clear and non of those small particles that my net never seemed to pick up. Now I can spend more time swimming around the pool and not walking around it Stuart G

Robin, I have your skimmer up in running in 5 minutes. It is amazing, had a bag of trash in no time and we just stood and watched it work, in a fascinating way. This is better than I hoped for and you are a genius! Many thanks for all your help

Thank you again Robin, I ran the pool for about 3 hours after installation and it cleared about 98% of the debris, a half bag full. I have a few dead spots being irregular in shape, but I think if I use the other return I will get 100%. It is closer to the steps so I was at first reluctant to put it there until after I saw how compact it is. I am going to try it today. We have lots of trees so this is a blessing. I would be happy to provide a testimonial, and I surely will help spread the word. As a big fan of capitalism, entrepreneurialism, and reward, I hope you get insanely rich off of your invention! Feel free to use any of my words for promotion. Dave H

If you have an inground or above ground pool and want it to be sparkling clean with hardly any effort, check out this link, their products and "like" their page please. We have these installed in our inground pool and they work like a charm! I prefer these over the skimmers. They are very easy to use, affordable, Made in the U.S.A. and a quality product. Linda B

The Pool Python is absolutely amazing and hand’s down the best pool skimmer on the market. Since installing one in our pool, we have not had any leaves floating on the water. In fact, it is so effective that the floating thermometer regular ends up being sucked into the bag! Say goodbye to manual skimming of your pool and replace that ineffective skimmer with a Pool Python. Best investment I ever made for our pool. - Gilton, South Africa

Issues: Flying ants that bite, whirlybirds from maple tree, tree dirt, bird poo. Tree provides great shade in the summer when needed, but I was so discouraged with my always-filthy pool, that I was thinking of having it cut down. Had to skim EVERY day, worry about getting bitten by the ants, used bottom cleaner every 2 days. Got the POOL PYTHON. Oh my! What a surprise this thing REALLY WORKS! My only issue is that I have to change the bag every day because it works that well! I like having that problem. - Lisa

I’ve had the Pool Python for almost 2 years now and it still works great! It was very easy to install, and I haven’t had to do ANY maintenance on it at all! My pool is always clean and I don’t have to do a thing! If you have a pool, you definitely need to get the Pool Python!

Purchased two weeks ago. Smaller then I expected which is a a good thing I didn’t want something that crowded the pool. Works Really Well in my in ground pool!!! Installation took about 15 min. Also the lack of auto water level ( thought it might be a problem before I got it). The side cutout allows a difference in water level. And it works so well that every couple of days you will be emptying the bag out. I was very skeptical about this product and am pleasantly surprised.

Bought your product last year and I love it. Had a pool devil pro before and was not happy with the way it floated on the water. Your product however does a thorough job and is easy to adjust to the water level. Love the debris sock. Have not had to replace it yet. Thanks for a great product! I have told friends about the pool python and hope your business grows. - Tim

Hi Robin, I have four Red Maple trees surrounding my pool. first they drop little red flowers and next the millions of propellers. I love the pool python. - Ron

Thanks for sending me a new one. Let me know the cost as I will pay for it as its not a quality issue in any way. The best money I ever spent was on the Pool Python.... Thanks again. -Dave