How to install the Pool Python

Here you can find information on compatibility, how to install the Pool Python, and general information.

The only requirement is the standard female 1-1/2″ thread that holds your eyeball. Below is a representation of a typical connection for above-ground pools* and the thread you will need for installation. The photo is a typical above-ground fitting set up but your in-ground connectors will be the same or similar. If you do not have such a fitting, there are ways to make it work! Get hold of us and we can see what you might need.


Typical above ground pool fitting pictured below.  The Pool Python also works on most in-ground pools!  
*This product is NOT suitable for Intex or soft-sided above-ground’s


These are the standard fittings above. If yours are not the same, specialized adapters are available such as this smooth pipe adapter pictured below:

Contact us with any questions, we are eager to help!

Download complete instructions manual here

Installation Diagram, Empying the Debris Bag, and Troubleshooting

Easy Steps for Installation

Easy installation steps. Please download or utilize included full instructions manual when installing. We are always available via phone or email for assistance with installing your Pool Python, as well as recommendations and custom applications.

Step 1

Locate the Return Valve (where the water enters the pool from the pump).

Step 2

Remove the round eyeball-valve, its retaining ring, and its housing (socket) to expose the female 1-1/2" thread. The housing can be tight and you might need a tool to remove it. An opened plumbers-wrench inserted into the opening works well for this. Remember to rotate anti-clockwise to remove. This is the hardest part!

Step 3

Bend The Pool Python's goose-neck hose in such a position to allow you to screw The Pool Python's connector into the connection in the wall. While holding the connector firmly and ensuring that is not cross-threaded, screw it in approximately 3-4 turns. When in position it the special tape will bind in the thread and hold it steady.

Step 4

Orient the connector so that the flexible hose is at an approximately 45 degree angle as shown above.

Step 5

Set the body of The Pool Python horizontally, almost submerged with just the top surface out of the water.

Step 6

If you have a high-flow filtration system, it is recommended you remove the pressure relief plug on the connector. This will help considerably to move the pool's water in a circular rotation, greatly improving your pools cleaning efficiency. If you have a dual return system, it might not be necessary to remove the plug. Excess pressure will be diverted to the other return valve. Direct the other eyeball valve in the same direction as the Pool Python's flow to maximize water flow.

Final Step

Turn on the pump. Adjust The Pool Python until it is visibly working at its maximum efficiency. The water jet, inside the unit, is also adjustable - simply push the end with your finger. Adjust this jet to reduce noise and increase its "pulling power" and reduce out-flow or bubbling on the opposite corner of the slot near the bag.